By Failing to Prepare, you are Preparing to Fail


“The conventions open doors. They fast-track a career!”

TJ Stein, Stein Entertainment Group, LA


“I call this the Olympics of modeling and acting. And you know what? Just like an athlete, you must be trained.”

Joan Stephens, Joan Stephens Acting, NY


“Being a model has several requirements, but at the top of the list is a good personality and the right attitude. Many agents have told me that a beautiful face and perfect body might take a girl to the top, but her personality will keep her there.”

 Eve Matheson, Writer of The Modeling Industry


“Probably the hardest task is to find an agent/manager/casting director… someone who’s interested in giving you 5-10 min of their time and the conventions provide that.”

 Peter Kluge, Impact Artist Group, LA


“Life is full of interviews. In reality, we are all applying for a job. It’s the description that’s different.”

Ashley Tucker Swathwood.  Winner in NAM, ACP, USA, Teen USA and more


“There’s no other place you could go and find so many agents, managers and casting people in one room at the same time. It’s phenomenal!”

Patrick Baca, Casting by Patrick Baca, LA


“The six prerequisites to success as an actor include ambition, desire, persistence, talent, attitude and who you know (luck).”

Ron Milkie, Actor/Acting Coach


“Creativity, poise, projection, personality, charisma, voice and diction, and acting ability were, once again, the criteria by which the judging was based.”

Elizabeth Whitehurst, Pageantry Magazine



“I love this event! The kids get so much out of it on multiple levels, they all get such positive reinforcement and growth.”

 Jean Scoccimarro, Scoccimarro Casting, LA


“Everyone is looking for the ‘it’ factor. To have ‘it’ you really need to have the compete package. Training, practice, a great image, staying healthy, getting good sleep before a booking or casting, knowing your industry and the ability to sell yourself constantly is just the tip of it. Know your strengths and your weak points. Know what skills you possess and how to use them. Knowledge is power; it doesn’t matter which industry you’re looking to break into. If you don’t do your homework, you’ll find most doors are shut.”

Tysha Savage       


“The conventions are always a great avenue to meet many agents from all over the United States and the rest of the world.”

Sonja Ostrowski, Louisa Models, Munich/Hamburg


“No matter where your path takes you in life, or what job you are applying for, remember to sell yourself. Communication (verbal and non-verbal) is a key. All you need are the right tools to unlock that door.”

Ashley Tucker Swathwood.  Winner in NAM, ACP, USA, Teen USA and more